Fairy Furniture

Items needed:

*twigs, vines, dried flowers
*needle and thread
*scrap material
*hot glue gun
*pruners to cut the twigs

1) Decide what you're going to make. We'll make a chair,
to give you an example.

2) Cut the twigs in this manner - one long, bendable piece that will form the back legs and back of the chair, and four equal lengthed twigs which will form the two front legs and the seat.The chair should stand no more than four inches tall (including the back)

3)Bend the long twig,and hot glue one of the smaller pieces in between the two ends where you want the seat to be.This will be the back of the seat.

4)Hot glue on each side of the bent twig facing towards you a smaller twig; these will be the sides of the seat.

5)Glue the front piece of the seat to these side twigs.

6)Glue the two front legs to the seat so that the chair legs are even.

7)If you wish,wrap the vines around the chair back and legs.

8)Cut the scrap material to form a "back" and a "seat" - these are NOT to be as wide as the chair, but will fit inside of the twigs.

9)Using your needle and thread, attach the material to the chair using a whip stitch.

10)Hot glue small dried flowers at the top of the chair.

This technique can be used to make all kinds of fairy furniture, from tables to beds, to sofas - all of which are sure to delight your fairies!You can make little tea cups too from dried flower cups!


Fairy Hut

Items needed:
*bird house
*cardboard paper
*miniture basket or acorn cap
*miniture bells
*cake sprinkles, barley, or glitter
1) With you imagination, you will turn your birdhouse
house into a fairy house.
2) Take the cloth and turn them into little curtains for the fairy house. Then glue them onto the fairy house.
3) Take the miniture bells and attach them to the fairy house so you will know when fairies are occupying their new home.
4) Take the small miniture backet or acorn cap and fill it with cake sprinkles, glitter or barley. Then place it somewhere close by to the fairy house. This is used as a sort of bait to attract the fairies.
5) Now take the cardboard paper (remember..you can use any material to create the sign..this is just an
example) and the markers and write on the paper
"No Birds! Fairies Only!" Then take the string and use
it on the sign to put on the fairy house!
6) Now take the fairy house and put it in a special place, like the garden. Be sure, though, that there are no cat's around, because cat's are very jealous of fairies.


Crystal Pillows

Items needed:

*pieces of velvet
*small beans
*sewing machine or needle and thread

1)For a round crystal pillow, cut two pieces of velvet 5 -6 inches in diameter. Use a plate as a template if you need one. Right sides together, sew the pieces together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance and leaving an opening to pour in the beans.Turn pillow right side out. Stuff the pillow 2/3 full with the beans, whipstitch the opening closed.

2) For a square pillow, cut two pieces of velvet 5 inches square .

3) Right sides together, sew along the edges using 1/2 inch seam allowance, and leaving 1 inch open to turn.

4) Turn right side out, stuff 2/3 full with beans, and whipstitch the opening closed.


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