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Losing a baby or a child is one of the most hardest thing's that a parent can go through. Unfortunately, I have gone through this type of tradgedy.
I found out that I was pregnant one warm and sunny beautiful day!The pregnancy was unexpected, but was not a disapointment at all!
For quite some time my fiance and I thought that I would be unable to have children, so this was such a wonderful surprise. During the pregnancy, it was one problem after the other. I had terrible abdominal pains and was unable to get up out of bed because I was so sick. I had visited my Dr. and the hospital many times, worried that something may be wrong. In the end, I was alway's told that it was normal and that everything was fine. I knew otherwise and wished that someone would tell me the truth.
One night, half asleep at the end of my third month, I woke up to find that I was spotting. I remembered reading that sometimes spotting was normal, so I went back to bed.
I woke up the next morning to find that I was bleeding heavier.
I was so frantic that I told my fiance and we called my parents to let them know. The four of us headed to the hospital and when I arrived the placed me on one of the beds in a private room. I was cramping so bad, I had to stand up. I was so scared about the bleeding, that I had to chelace/>





I would like to address something to those who have lost a baby through a miscariage.
I have come across some people who seem to think that because you don't know the sex of the baby or because you only carried your baby for a short amount of time, that there is no reason for you to be affected by the loss.
I would like to reasure those parents (because you still are a parent, even in your loss) that even though you don't know the sex and even though you may have carried your baby for a short amount of time,
there is no reason why you should not grieve and feel feel torn appart
just because you didn't carry your baby to term. I only carried for three months, but let me tell you, that I went into a depression because of my loss. Knowing a baby is growing inside you is such a magical thing and a mother will become attached to her baby the moment she finds out she pregnant.
For those who think otherwise, I am very sorry you feel this way. Try and keep an open mind and please respect others feelings before voicing your own opinion.