Dedicated To Fairies Club


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Dedicated To Fairies Club

Welcome Everyone!
Fairies are beautiful and magical creatures. Who couldn't just fall in love with them? Certainly not those who have dedicated their site to them!
 I recently decided to create a club for those people who have dedicated their websites to fairies!
If you have any fairy content on your site you are welcome to join also! I do have some rules though before you decide to join!
Please read the following rules carefully:

1. No one with pornography  of any kind on their site may join.
2. No sites with swearing can join.
3. Any sites that promotes/has racism against any race,  
     religion is not aloud to join.
4. You must copy and past the graphics on your own server.
5. You must link back the graphic back to my site.
6. You must sign the guestbook and let me know that you  
     have joined this club so I may come to visit your site.
7. Last but not least, please add your site to the
    Free-For-All-Links page bellow (this page is for members

Free-For-All Links
Add a link to your website!


Please choose one of the following Dedicated To Fairies graphics to post on your website!
Please link the graphic back to:











I would like to say that I take no credit for the above fairy pictures!
They belong and are copywrite by Amy Brown!
She is a very talented artist and you can visit her wonderful and beautiful site at the above link!